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Pascal Coppens

I am an author, keynote speaker, sinologist and technology entrepreneur. After living and working in China and Silicon Valley for over 20 years, I am now sharing my story and insights focused on Chinese innovation. I tell the story of how China went from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China' and what it will soon mean for us all.

As nexxworks speaker, I deliver workshops and keynotes and guide groups on the China innovation tours. I am most passionate about the swift transformation in China around Artificial Intelligence and its 'go global' trend.


My story

First China love


During my studies Sinology, I traveled on a shoestring for 4 months with a backpack through China. It was love at first sight and I knew back then China would one day become a globally leading economy. As such, I decided in 1992 to do an extra degree in Business Engineering to prepare myself fully for this incredible exciting adventure.

When China woke up


My first professional years in China were during the true awakening of the Dragon. The building of Three Gorges Dam, death of Deng Xiaoping, return of Hong Kong, China's entry in WTO, Beijing winning the Olympic Games bid. This was the best time for me in China. It was cheap to live & work, full of energy, very hopefull and everything was possible as the legal framework was still in its infancy.

From East to West


As most Belgians working in Shanghai, my first stop was Alcatel. Soon after I got the taste of Silicon Valley when working for Wind River (part of Intel) and moved to the San Francisco in 2001. This got me passionate about the software industry, and short after the dot.com burst faded, I co-founded Polycore Software in the Bay Area.

China Start-up Love


It may sound strange, but after many China years , Silicon Valley was not as exciting as I had hoped for. But the virus I got there as a first-time entrepreneur never left my body afterwards. I moved back to China and for next 10 years built up a company, great team and many products ranging from R&D solutions for government & MNCs to building dozens of event APPs for brands.

Back to Europe


If I would have stayed any longer in China, I probably would have become a Chinese. As a family we decided to move back and our daughter (then 14) started school in Ghent. As transition, I was commissioned to create Sinnolabs, a growth accelerator in Shanghai for Belgium innovative SMEs for which I source, select and prepare companies still today.

A new adventure begins


Today, I am sharing how China went from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China' and what it will soon mean for us all. As nexxworks speaker, I deliver workshops and keynotes and guide groups on the China innovation tours. I am most passionate about the swift transformation in China around Artificial Intelligence and its 'go global' trend.


Loreal get together 2019- PICTURE BYKIRSTENVANSANTEN 2019-9-59.JPG

The Chinese innovation train is heading for Europe at high-speed. The train will not stop, so leverage China’s global ambition to your advantage. Jump on the train, now. Chinese brands still have a lot to learn about Europe and we can learn a thing or two from China as well. Pascal's candid presentations with real-life examples will be eye-opening, create food-for-thought and uncover patterns for you to turn the Chinese innovation train into an opportunity for your business.

CHINA'S NEW NORMAL: How China sets the standard for innovation

This keynote will elaborate on the six waves of innovation in China, and how China is now ready to take on the challenge to become a global leader in innovation by 2030.

I can cover the following topics:

  • China from 'copy' to 'creator'

  • China strengths: Market, Cash, People, UX & Personal

  • European strengths: Technology & Research, Brands, Efficiency, Meaning, & Balance.

  • How China and Europe can help each other

I can dive deeper on the following “Smart” Industries:

  • New Retail, Media & Entertainment, Security, Mobility, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance & Insurance, Education

I can focus on the following transformations:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Digital China

  • Chinese Ecosystems

  • Chinese consumer

  • Shenzhen: Silicon Valley of China



How to deal with China's New Normal jointly with Wim Rombaut

China has the ambition to take world leadership in technology and innovation by 2030. They are on track, the pace of innovation is higher than we can imagine here in Europe. China’s new normal: what does that mean for your business, for your industry, local and global?

This one day workshop will adjust and update your vision on China today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Pascal Coppens delivers you accurate and updated content and knowledge of China today, and shares with you their plans for the next 10 years. Executive coach Wim Rombaut stimulates the participants to a pragmatic and high paced think/act – methodology.

What's in it for you:

  • You will become deeply aware WHY China’s transformation is so high paced and WHAT that means for your positioning and business today

  • You will see the opportunities for your business to become more competitive and to stay ‘in the lead’ as you go for synergy or battle with Chinese companies

  • You will be able to integrate the know-how about China to your first steps tomorrow

Want to dig in?

What is this “China ‘s New Normal” & what can I learn from it?
How will Chinese innovation impact my industry & my business?
In my book I help you answer these important business questions in detail.